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London, United Kingdom

"We create people inspired experiences"
I-AM create People Inspired Experiences.
More than simply understanding the target audience, all our creative work is driven by real customer insight. We have an in-house research and trends team that are central to the way we work. We’re fascinated by people – how they think, act, react and buy and we believe that our People Inspired approach helps us design brand experiences that resonate with consumers on a more emotive level. This approach ensures that we never lose sight of the customer’s wants and needs, right through the process, not just at the start of a project.

The owners of I-AM are all practicing designers and lead every major project. This approach reflects our belief that design is not just a business, but a vocation. Our success has been led by teamwork across all levels in the company, with directors actively involved in the strategy, creation and delivery of projects. This approach has been fundamental to our success over the last 20 years, not just building a business but an international family of like-minded people who enjoy each other’s company and share a similar ethos.

We have assembled some of the best creative minds from across the globe including brand consultants, architects, interior designers, service designers and UX specialists. We are in our element when these virtual and physical worlds collide.
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