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Los Angeles, CA

"Furnish Life"
Our philosophy is simple: we furnish life

We believe that the universes you create directly impacts what comes out of them: your future.

Everything from feng shui to modern science communicates the importance of balance in design. HUNTEDFOX believes that the spaces we create are the most unrecognized characters in the stories we tell and lives they affect.

These are the places our families gather, where our most important moments unfold, where we snuggle and swoon on a rainy day, where our work, our futures and our greatest good is built, piece by piece.

Best said in the Ted Talk given by Ingrid Fetell Lee “Deep within us we all have this impulse to seek out joy in our surroundings; it is directly connected to our fundamental instinct for survival. The drive toward joy is the drive toward life. ”

Creating is the fingerprint of one who was created: and as a result curating places where we gather is the most common human experience. Yet, so often we undermine the importance of the things we put in them.

What if you could build the future of your business through the environment where it happens?
What if you could reset the foundation for your family’s best life?
What if guests return to your restaurant or shoppe because they "just like the way it feels?"
It is with this in mind that we build well-crafted, thoughtful pieces that focus on detail, custom inserts for maximum comfort and support, but most importantly-durability to furnish your best life.

The female owned, operated and run company believes in more than just making beautiful things for you- we believe that we were all created to create and it is our sole responsibility to create a better world for those around us. We donate 10% of every dollar earned to help families unite through adoption with Adopt Together.
Wescover creator since 2018

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