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Hsin-Chuen Lin

Fremont, CA

"Hand-made fine pottery with Eastern & Western culture influences."
Hsin-Chuen Lin was born in 1962 in Kaoxiong Xian, Taiwan. He graduated from National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, major in Industrial Education. In 1981, he took his first ceramic course from the famous ceramic artist, Rhang-Nung Wu. Lin was so attracted to the media of clay that he spent most of his time in ceramic studio. “I don’t know why I like it so much. Perhaps I can recall my early years in the countryside playing with clay.” says Hsin-Chuen Lin.

After four years of teaching in a junior high school in Taipei, Lin decided to pursue the field of ceramics to learn and create. He went to graduate school at the University of Iowa where he received his Master of Fine Art degree in ceramics.

Hsin-Chuen Lin moved to California in 1991. He is now teaching in Sunnyvale community center and Higher Fire Clay Studio in downtown San Jose and working as studio potter in Fremont, California.

Working in clay has been Lin's passion for almost 40 years. His form has evolved since came to U.S. in 1988. His inspiration comes from eastern culture, particular Chinese Shan, Zhou dynasty's bronzes as well as Song dynasty's elegant pottery. He also was influenced by the American contemporary ceramics, the freedom and spontaneous of making pots. He works mainly on a potter’s wheel. His beautiful vessels are first thrown, then torn, punched, squeezed, decorated, and finally fired, such as raku, sagger, gas and wood fire depending on what he wants to express.

10 years ago, Lin began to upload wheel throwing tutoring videos on YouTube, and have accumulated more than 460 tutorial video clips, generating more than 11 million views and 85,000 subscribers. Here is a quote from one of the viewers: “ You taught me ceramics, not just the basics, but also how to push myself. I advanced and became the highly skilled potter I am today thanks to your videos. I doubt you can ever comprehend what a positive impact you have had on people's lives through your YouTube videos. You have made incredibly thorough education accessible to all. Infinite thanks. I will always look up to you.” ~ Hunter Pauker

Hsin-Chuen Lin has shown his work nationally and internationally, and won many awards. His work has been featured in many books and magazines, such as The Best of Pottery, the Ceramic Design Book, Ceramic Art in Taiwan, Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times. He sells to select U.S. galleries and national jury craft shows. His work is in Museum and private collections in Taiwan and all over the United States.
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