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HRDL - Furniture and Art
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Oslo, Norway

Through hard work and dedication, what started off as a weekend woodworking project in a tiny garage, has turned into an internationally acknowledged brand that strives to make high end quality furniture that will simultaneously stand out in and blend in with your lifestyle.
HRDL is a Norwegian furniture brand located in Oslo, Norway. Founded in Kristiansand in 2015, it has grown into a brand recognised for its unique and functional design, by media outlets, blogs and magazines, and also by customers and clients all around the world.

Visually, and functionally, HRDL’s products are bright and clean, and typical of Scandinavian minimalism. Each piece is handmade to order, with the highest attention to details and a keen eye on material selection.

Elegant, timeless and functional; HRDL believe in handcrafting pieces that will beautifully accompany your style and your home, through the changing times of years to come. We aim to make furniture that your heirs will argue over.. :)