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Household by KONZUK

Vancouver, Canada

"At KONZUK we take our “Beauty built to last” commitment to heart. We spare no effort in realizing this unique design vision—you can see it in every design object that we bring to completion. This desire informs everything we do, from the meticulous care taken in production processes, considered sourcing of materials, right on through to the look and feel of our finished pieces."
Household evolves the striking aesthetic of Karen Konzuk’s jewelry collections into a series of extraordinary objects that form a distinct impression in the living space. The Orbis Vessel sees Karen re-imagine the creative possibilities of concrete. At the same time, confirming her position as one of a few designers to demonstrate a mastery of the natural material.

The vessel expresses a primal lyricism through its austere shape and pitted texture, giving rise to a sense of deep presence. Nowhere is this more evident than in the delicate raw edge of the Orbis Vessel. The opening of the concrete sphere creating a powerful sense of fragmented geometry. Meanwhile, the hand-cast finish renders each as a one-of-a-kind artifact.

Available in Natural Grey, Charcoal Grey, Coal Black, White and now Evergreen. The vessel’s radical purity of line and form are designed to promote feelings of calm and wellbeing in the observer, acting as an ambient mainstay for the wider interior. Its spherical
allure providing the locus for casual reflection or deep meditation.

More than that, this small, beautifully realized object inspires intimacy in the way of a found treasure. Fitting in the palm of the hand, its compact density makes it a prized tactile possession as well.

Designed for a wide array of settings and contexts, the Orbis Vessel also serves a variety of purposes. In its simplest guise, it performs the role of standalone design object. Beyond that, it becomes an active setting for candle and tea light, as well as operating as a scent diffuser and succulent planter—each of these emergent properties arising naturally from the vessel itself with form and function in close alignment.

However you choose to deploy your Household Concrete Orbis Vessel, the one constant of this artful creation is its resolute beauty and the sense of balance that underpins this. By combining rawness and refinement, it conjures a sense of awareness and enhances the surrounding space.

Custom colors + scents available.
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