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Holey Kids

Oklahoma City, OK

"We really enjoy the idea of bringing another life to forgotten objects. Whether it be the loose canvas/fabric we paint on, throwing a mural on an alley wall, or manipulating an old photograph; there's a sense of relevancy that we can help to revive."
Holey Kids is a multidisciplinary masked duo, based out of Oklahoma City. Throughout their various processes, they strive to drop their individualism in order to be seen as one. Creating together since 2010, the couple’s work ranges from murals, paintings, performance, self-publications, and photo manipulations. With each of their practices reliant on collaboration, their work attempts to highlight the importance of connectivity and hand-made production.

Whether in the gallery or in the streets, their experiential paintings are improvisationally created in the moment. This allows their process to be influenced directly from their environment and forces each of them to drop control of any given piece. The use of abstracted shapes and color pools hint at relatable objects/feelings but never specify, to allow the viewer to interpret and form their own attachments.
Wescover creator since 2019

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