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Hendrix The Maker

Byron Bay, Australia

We are Byron Bay furniture makers dedicated to transforming the way you live by creating handmade furniture that is thoughtfully designed, tactile and beautiful to look at. Our furniture is hand made in our workshop using a combination of recycled and salvaged Australian hardwood timbers and natural design elements.
When Hendrix the Maker began in 2014, our aim was to simply create a few small scale furniture designs for a local boutique to help showcase their fashion designs.
Requests for custom made pieces quickly began to flow in. Realising there was a demand for the handmade furniture with its authentic, relaxed coastal vibe, we set up a workshop in the Byron Bay Arts & Industry precinct.
Since 2014 we have worked with hundreds of customers, commercial clients and retail outlets across Australia to create custom made and bespoke furniture pieces that will last a lifetime.
The salvaged and recycled timber we use in our custom made pieces is sourced from the Northern Rivers and SE Queensland. We deliberately choose to work with black butt, tallowwood and brush box timbers due to their interesting grain and lighter colour tones. These tones contrast well with a variety of design elements and beautifully match the style of a contemporary Australian home.

Protecting the planet and safe-guarding our children’s future is important to us which is why we choose environmentally friendly finishes for our furniture. We are committed to reducing our footprint even further. One way we are doing this is by donating the wood shavings and offcuts from our building process to an award winning local gourmet smokehouse.
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