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Helene & Olivier Lempereur - Interior Design and Renovation
Helene & Olivier Lempereur
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Helene & Olivier Lempereur

Paris, France

As two, we are one

These few words say it all!

You cannot emerge untouched from a meeting with Hélène and Olivier Lempereur. A constant in the very closed circle of interior designers, they are as well-known as they are discrete. Their life force and creative energy are built upon the love and respect they have for each other. In their daily work, a magical connection takes place, a beautiful camaraderie that they unconsciously communicate and that makes all the difference.

Through the years, they have each found their place and in their divine duality a signature has been born, that of Hélène and Olivier Lempereur, creators of emotion.

The initial spark, the first intuition, comes from Olivier; he thinks of the spaces, designs the volumes, imagines their functions. Hélène, the stylist, the art lover, builds the mood boards, brings colour to the sketches, gives life to her husband’s pencil strokes by selecting the right tones, the perfect shapes, the best materials in order to completely fulfill the desires of their clients. With camaraderie and cooperation as a common thread, and harmony as the brand image, Hélène and Olivier Lempereur overturn the paradigms of interior decoration and embody a happy alliance between creativity and aesthetic.

Their life is ordered around the family, a necessary anchor and an unwavering support for this pair that never stops crafting beauty. The subtle balance that they have found between the private and the professional allows them to communicate more personal emotions.

Today, their differences are the strength behind their complementarity and their creativity, the work of one feeding that of the other. Across each of their projects, they are writing a new story, together.

Catherine Seiler