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Helena Faitelson

Helena Faitelson

San Diego, CA

"Art has no limits!"
Helena Faitelson is an award-winning self-taught visual artist and muralist. She discovered her passion for art and painting at a very young age. With the years, she developed her skills and learned different painting styles. At the age of thirty, Helena discovered decorative painting style and decided to pursue this direction. Over the years Helena exposed herself to different decorative painting techniques and developed her painting style.
Helena was born in Ukraine and lived for many years in Israel. She now lives with her family in San Diego, California since 2014 and works as a teaching assistant for children with special needs where she uses her art and painting skills to expose students to the wonderful world of art and craft. During the summers Helena works as a teaching assistant of an afterschool program where she teaches art and craft and manages painting clubs for kids. Recently Helena established her own business of mural painting for residential and commercial spaces.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I like to experiment with sizes, shapes and colors! I create my work by mixing these factors together!"
Helena FaitelsonHelena Faitelson

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