Hector Ledesma

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hector Ledesma
1967. Lived between Nyc and Sto. Dgo
He received his training during the years 1989-94 between Santo Domingo and Madrid, \

He began his art studies at the National School of Fine Arts and the APEC University, which he soon avandona to focus exclusively on painting,

for the year 1992 you did the design school of Altos de Chavón. to study a summer at that time given by Carlos Santos Duran.

Study in the workshops given by Alberto bass and Guillo Perez.

He lived in Madrid between 1992 and 1997, where he studied in the Bellas Artes circle, Madrid, in the Arte Actual workshops taught by Mati Klarwein, Zush (Evru), and Herminio Molero and artistic screen printing in the workshop of El Elefante Rojo, Madrid
He has made more than 100 exhibitions between individuals and collectives locally and internationally, in art galleries, museums and art fairs highlighting art miami, montreal art expo, art americas, miami, ny art expo, art brusel etc as well as in cities such as nyc; Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Martinique, Miami, Montreal, Oaxaca, Quito, Santo Domingo, San Juan, Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago, as art miami, art
Work can be seen in several books and editions, such as:

"Dominican painting from 1890 to 2000"

, "Encyclopedia of Dominican plastic arts"

"César Suárez Pizano art collection", from the art critic Cándido Geron,

"Caribbean and Central America", published by art editions Francisco Nader, Latinamerican Art

"Matices Del Caribe, 12 contemporary Dominican artists, 2007" edited by joaquin rosario.

Encyclopedia of art by E. Leon Jimenes written by Danilo de los Santos.

Works by Hector Ledesma live in private and public collections such as the "Voluntariado de las Casas Reales de Santo Domingo" and the City Hall of Madrid. His works are also found in corporate collections in Madrid, New York, San Juan, Panama City, Miami and Santo Domingo.

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