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Heather Patterson - Paintings and Street Murals
Heather Patterson
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Heather Patterson

Fort Collins, CO

"My work is an intuitive gathering of imagery stemming from both the natural and built environments. I recreate geographic patterns and forms that I find, and then layer them to make up a new series of systemic landscapes. This morphing of forms combines imagery such as computer generated weather charts, topographic maps, pixelated natural landscapes, cellular structures, networking graphs, and blueprints of structural elements. I am interested in the constant overlap of these forms and find similarities in their elements. The imperfections and complete randomness in nature are in direct contrast with the stenciled man-made environment and often mutate into one. The intertwining of the geometric and organic forms becomes an important part of my process.

By layering varied imagery through drawing, painting, and collaging sheets of acrylic paint a sense of fragmented time emerges. I use a variety of media to create a multi-sensory experience. The interaction of the materials allows me to control the contrasting substances letting some areas mix randomly while manipulating other areas by carving, dripping, collaging, taping, or spraying the surface. This system of addition and reduction allows me to magnify the unexpected, creating an imaginary subsurface or documentation of scientific events."