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Hayley Kolar

Saint Paul, MN

Born and raised just outside Chicago, my love of all things colorful and handmade began further back than I can remember. Growing up with a quilter for a mother (and a very gifted one at that), I was continually surrounded by color, texture, and pattern. Some of my earliest memories include arranging and rearranging fabric scraps and falling asleep to the hum of a sewing machine.

I continued to explore and expand my creative process at St. Olaf college, where I majored in psychology and studio art. After college, I returned home to pursue a masters of art in art therapy at the school of the art institute of Chicago, allowing me to further develop my passion for making art as a vehicle for connecting with others. I made my way back up north to St. Paul, where I currently live with my husband and our two little ones.

With a background in art therapy, I believe in the restorative properties of making art. Painting is a therapeutic process for me, cultivating a greater sense of connection with myself, others, and the world around me. The physicality of the materials plays an important role in my work. Visible brushstrokes and layers of paint are evidence of the process and history of each piece. Every one of my paintings is special to me, and it brings me great joy when others find a piece that speaks to them. Thanks for visiting!
Wescover creator since 2020

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