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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pablo Harymbat (born 1977) is an Argentine artist based in Buenos Aires. He works on various formats such as mural, ceramic, sculpture, drawing and video animation. He started painting, both graffiti and on canvas, back in the '90s at the age of 14. His firsts large-scale public murals appeared in 2004 as iconic psicodelic compositions, made usually with only three colours wich he signed for many years as "Gualicho".
Never afraid of change, he put down this nickname and started using his real name.The constantly search for originality and innovation, led him into a new exploration of geometry from the use of an intuitive tool crafted by himself. His recent works are hand made stylized tags made of several extruded colours.
Exploration of organic and mechanical with a retro futuristic smell, seems to be a leitmotiv over all this years.
He has painted and made exhibitions on several cities around the globe.
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