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Harumi Ori

Brooklyn, NY

Harumi Ori is NY based Artist. For nearly 17 years, I’ve been working on a sculpture series that reproduces the space and time of a single moment entitled “I am Here”. Each piece begins the same way: observing my “living subject”, capturing the scene, and flattening it through photography. Next, these moments are translated into sculpture using an industrial plastic mesh in orange, a holy color in my native country of Japan. This unusual material creates a beautiful effect. Layered folds convincingly render the shape and volume of people and their surroundings, and as the pieces come together, the connections between individuals and groups, and the streets, buildings, and landscapes they pass through and share, are further revealed. It is the beauty of these relationships that I wish to express–the unique and sacred significance of singular moments, and the space each one “owns”. When the pieces are finished, they are titled with the place, exact time, and date of the moment captured.
Wescover creator since 2018

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