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Hans Kuijten

Hans Kuijten

Nuenen, Netherlands

"Coloring within the lines has never been my strongest side. I like to be inspired by the world around me. That often leads to new ideas, new challenges. I can really enjoy special material combinations, but also seductive shapes and striking colors. However, the principles of a design are always determined by the client. The wishes of the customer are leading. It is up to me to then translate that into a unique creation.

The ideas often arise during a first conversation, just with a cup of coffee. The research phase then follows. I'm going to read and empathize. For me, a design is only successful when the customer feels at home in the room. My creations radiate a certain warmth. Whether it is a sleekly designed hotel lobby or a chic skybox in a football stadium.

I never let trends guide me. They don't hurt me. The question is always the starting point. I do like a wink here and there. My creations must bring a smile to my face. "

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