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Hannah Harriet - Tableware and Planters & Vases
Hannah Harriet
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Hannah Harriet

Richmond, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Hannah Harriet, the designer & maker of everything you'll find for sale here. I really appreciate you checking out my page, thank you so much for coming over!

Handcrafted by Hannah Harriet is a North Yorkshire based label creating an extensive range of handmade concrete pots, homewares & beautiful soy wax candles topped with botanicals.

If you’ve been looking for unique, handcrafted concrete candles, pots, coasters, bowls & trays then you’re in the right place.

“I have always loved the haphazard beauty of hand made work and I especially enjoy working with concrete as each item has its own quirks and individuality -- no two pieces are alike. From the size of the pot and the way the marbling shapes to the color of each layer of pigment and the air bubbles that naturally occur in the making process -- replication is impossible. When you buy products made by Hannah Harriet they're as unique as you are!

Before Handcrafted by Hannah Harriet became my full-time job in 2017, I was always exposed to a stylish & creative working environment, working with clothes designers and fashion boutiques all over the world, selling their designs.

I’ve always been a maker myself and I've explored different crafts and mediums for as long as I can remember.

Originally I wanted to buy pots to pour my handcrafted candles into, but I couldn't find anything that really stood out. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted the candle containers to look and I became totally obsessed with learning the process, designing & making the pots myself. I spent months researching & testing concrete mixes. I fell in love with the whole process. The next thing I know I’ve bought a concrete mixer, I've quit my day job & ta daaa, I'm selling pots worldwide. Who would’ve thought!?”