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Hannah Billingham

Beverley, United Kingdom

"Ceramic Artist; specialising in highly decorated surfaces"
My ceramic practice combines my love for clay, glazes and texture with my obsessive nature for order, symmetry and perfection. My process of working at the wheel, hand decorating each piece and firing such delicate forms up to three times, is a laborious and repetitive discipline on which I thrive. It is of great importance that every piece I make is an individual, unique, one-of-a-kind treasure.

My unique surface decoration was originally inspired by naturally occurring patterns, such as coral and sea life. As my work developed further, I have found I am now more inspired by properties of the clay itself and its boundaries, along with the patterns and shapes my subconscious creates when I am deep in concentration. I create sculptures that evoke a reaction in the viewer through their precision and ethereal appearance.

I have found my work and process to be completely immersive and therapeutic. It gives me an outlet to quench my need for obsessive repetition and ‘perfection’. Meanwhile the unpredictability of glazes and firings keeps me forever captivated.
Wescover creator since 2019

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