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Hanksy - Murals and Art
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New York, NY

“Adam Lucas aka Hanksy is artist and parodist based in New York City. As the moniker implies, he is best recognized for making humorous, pun-themed work related to popular culture icons and putting those images out on the street; for instance, in the work that inspired his artist moniker, Hanksy combined the body of the famed Banksy rat with a cartoon face of actor Tom Hanks. This image was pasted on the side of a building in Little Italy. Originally created to get a few laughs from his friends, it quickly went viral on social media and encouraged the NY transplant to develop his street moniker and expand his portfolio of popular culture mash-ups.

Since 2011, Hanksy has created hundreds of images and he continues to paste on the streets. In addition to his famous Dump Trump image, Hanksy has expanded in several interactive installations and space takeovers to engage his audience in innovative and participatory ways.”