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Han-Yue Interior Design

Taichung City, Taiwan

"Of function, poetic and experimental."
"For those unforgettable, resonates down the centuries. "-- Hong Yi, Chinese pioneering artist in 1990s.
Space is like still water. Dews and dots sketch outlines; whereas lines and strokes depict master-planning. Dim lights complete magnificence along the way. Han-Yue is a beautifully poetic Chinese name, referring to the pearl upon the Milky Way. Combining yin and yang with geometry and golden ratio, approaches to a metamorphic balance. Glimpse of shadow and decorative touches culminate with the nature of meditation, expressing a perfect metaphor for pursuing leisure life.


2017-2018 A'design Platinum Award Platinum Winner
2018 Gold Pin Design Award Winner
2018 IAI Design Award Winner
2018-2019 Guangzhou Design Week for Elite Designer 40 UNDER 40
Wescover creator since 2020

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