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Shenzhen, China

HALLUCINATE Design Agency is a diversified creative integration service agency that integrates architectural, spatial, graphic and interactive multimedia design.

From architecture to interior projects, both commercial and cultural, the core of design is thought. Thinking based on the perception and discrimination of many people and things makes Hannison more discerningly giving the work a unique design language. The Hannson team from different professional fields and with different cultural backgrounds adheres to the concept that content value is better than aesthetic value. Through the expression of the case, she explores the philosophy of the relationship between architecture, space and people purely and deeply.

HALLUCINATE design agency maintains long-term cooperative relationships with customers such as OPPO, Vanke Real Estate, Huaqin Group, Maike Group, United Film Enterprises, China Merchants Bank, Exceptions, DISSONA, Marisfrolg-Marsfell, EIN and other customers. His works have won many awards in major authoritative design awards worldwide, including the German IF Interior Design Gold Award, the World Architecture and Interior Design Festival Award, the New York Interior Design Magazine Award, the APIDA Asia-Pacific Interior Design Award, the Hong Kong Perspective Award, the New York Art Guidance Club " NY ADC "award, American GRAPHIS PHOTO award, etc. At the same time, design works are also exhibited in world-renowned art centers, such as the Osaka Art Gallery Exhibition in Japan, the Pompidou Art Center Exhibition in Paris, the Hong Kong Design Biennial and so on.
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