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Hailey Banda


Hailey Banda is a ceramic artist who creates stylized and functional ceramic art. In 2015, Hailey graduated from West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, concentrating in ceramics. Among her accomplishments, Hailey was awarded the Design Director’s Award from the West Virginia University School of Art and Design. She has been featured on Fox 45 Morning News and in various art and craft newsletters. Since graduating, Hailey continues to create ceramic art and exhibits her pieces at various craft shows along the East Coast. In addition to running her small business, Hailey Banda Ceramics, Hailey is currently pursuing her Masters of Art in Teaching at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and plans to receive her degree in 2018.

Hailey was born in 1993 in Silver Spring, MD. The second of three daughters to her father, an executive and her mother, a homemaker, Hailey began working with clay in a 9thgrade art class at Sherwood High School, in Sandy Spring, MD. Since then, creating ceramic art has been her passion. She continues to learn and develop new techniques that advance her body of work.

Hailey uses a unique process to ensure each item’s usability and personalization. She uses a cone 6 white stoneware clay body, for durability when hand building. Additionally, this clay body maintains a desired rich creamy color. All of Hailey’s ceramics are hand-built, and occasionally wheel thrown and altered with added hand-built elements. Hailey incorporates and applies patterns and textures in her pieces by creating large stamps made from craft foam. In addition, Hailey applies these patterned stamps to thin slabs of clay using a press technique. Her unique patterns consist of floral designs, swirls and stripes. Before the items are fired in an electric kiln, the patterns and forms are enhanced with velvet underglazes and metallic accents. Hailey’s ceramic work is inspired by her mother’s warm, calm and classic, interior decorating style; as well as antique furniture, intricate fabric patterns, and elements of nature. Her goal is to create a feeling of bliss and relaxation when you use one of her ceramic pieces.

As a young entrepreneur, Hailey creates art that can be enjoyed by a person of any age and targets individuals who are looking for unique ceramic pieces that will come alive in their homes and be used daily. Her ceramic art serves as conversation starters and adds intimate touches to a household, while still being functional. Hailey’s art is sold through multiple websites, as well as events such as fine art and craft shows, dinner parties, and private showings.
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