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Hagen and Oats

Newport, MN

"Two sisters and Some Tools"
Nikki and Anna were born and raised in good ol’ Minnesota. Growing up, we were taught that being a girl means you have all the power in the world. We grew up hands-on and learned that hard work is a way of life. For example, we built a wood strip canoe and rebuilt a 1970 VW Beetle. That drive to work hard helped develop our creativity.

Our company grew out of a creative project for Anna's home. We inherited a band saw, and Anna saw it as an opportunity for a new mantel piece. Thanks to social media, our lives changed forever and Hagen and Oats was born. The original design remains at the heart of our company and our logo.

We make hand-crafted, Minnesota inspired wood art. You can find us on social media, our website, in our shop, and in over 40 locations across the country!
Wescover creator since 2019

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