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Melbourne, Australia

"We create from the brand up"
It will usually contain elements of drama and levity. Details, both subtle and significant, will be teased out as the narrative unfolds. As a means of gaining wisdom, sharing experiences and conveying ideas, story telling has been a central characteristic of every single race, culture and religion since the dawn of humanity.
Our stories define us. And we never cease being interested in the stories around us: those of our families, our friends, and our community. Stories are the glue that connect us.
Good brands have stories, too. Stories that help create understanding and generate belief, ultimately occupying a place in the mind of a customer. A good brand knows this, and its custodians are forever adding to its story in an effort to make it ever more compelling and relatable.
At Hachem, we hold stories — our ability to recognise, add to and tell them — as our most precious asset. It is what sets us apart from our competitors. While they are merely builders, designers and architects, we are something much richer.
Wescover creator since 2020

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