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Gwen Gunter

Atlanta, GA

My art practice brings a freshness to organic geometric abstraction that pays homage to the forebearers of minimalism and hardedge painting. My shapes are pure yet playful and are energized by curved as well as straight lines that move over and through the composition. Moving to abstraction from objective painting, shapes emerged that brought with them an unexpected vocabulary and meaning.
This series of shape, line and color is developed through a process of arranging and rearranging the elements until a balance is achieved that both answers an underlying question and poses new queries of relationship and “what if” possibilities. The process is both mystical and deliberate and has become meditative in its execution. The challenge of discovery in all that is possible within these minimalist parameters keeps me engaged and searching.
My career encompasses both fine and commercial arts. I have been a graphic artist, illustrator, photographer and successful entrepreneur, creating a line of functional art items sold across the US. Today I am a full-time painter based near Atlanta, Georgia working in acrylic on wood, paper and canvas, most often in series of a dozen or more paintings per collection.
Wescover creator since 2021

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