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Porto, Portugal

"urban illustrator"
Gustavo Teixeira, also known as "MESK" is a freelance illustrator with a degree in Digital Arts and Multimedia since 2008 from Esad-Matosinhos. He loves drawing and experimenting with new techniques, creating is inexplicable, wonderful.

It was in the year 2001 that, through living with a friend, he immersed in the world of comics and dedicated himself more to drawing and graffiti related experiences. However, it was not until 2004 that he had his first deepest contact with it. It was a time that struck him, drawing on a support as broad as a wall, so many new possibilities and incredibly practical material like a spray can.

That same year he joined the CMK, the crew where I exercised and perfected the technique, surrounded by the relaxed and festive spirit that characterizes this artistic aspect and its surrounding culture that, therefore, gave him encouragement to continue and think further. In 2005 he discovered the digital format and started drawing in MS Paint Windows, a very limited program that eventually gave him the basics of what would be the vector drawing.

Only in 2006 he did take the first steps in vector with Freehand, moving to Illustrator in mid-2010. He is very observant and attentive to detail, both in the daily lives and work of other artists and this has an indirect influence on the outcome of his work. He like to be lazy, to jump from style to style, to try a little of everything, although right he is more inclined to childish illustration because he is more enthusiastic about fluid shapes and vivid colors.
Wescover creator since 2019

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