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Guillermo Wagner Granizo - Murals and Art
Guillermo Wagner Granizo
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Guillermo Wagner Granizo

Los Angeles, CA

"Guillermo Wagner Granizo was born in San Francisco in 1923. His mother was from Nicaragua and for 11 years, he lived in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua as a boy where he began to appreciate ceramics and the freedom of expression of non-traditional art. Following World War II he graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute where he received training in the formal rules of color and design. He then served as the first Art Director for KRON television in San Francisco producing sets for the first live television shows until 1959.

Then he became a producer of educational films, the most meaningful of which were made on the creative Mexican genius artists of Tamayo, Siqueiros, Zuniga and Cuevas. These artists became friends who supported and encouraged Granizo to carry on with his dream to be a great artist."