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Guido de Boer

Guido de Boer

Utrecht, Netherlands

"Artist & graphic designer"
Guido works as an independent graphic designer and artist. Guido’s tools are letters, which he makes by hand. Themes like spontaneity and imperfection always appear in his work. Guido’s works are direct, straight-forward and almost always black & white. In his work, Guido takes the opportunity to dive deep into one of the topics that he is most interested in: space and counter space. This results in some mesmerizing works that play with the rules of type and play tricks on the eye!

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"Spontaneity is essential to me, and is always present in my work, both in my creative process and its result. I prefer to draw letters by hand, which gives the work authenticity and reinforces the playfulness that is always present in my approach. My hands are an extension of ,y thoughts. To me, sketching feels like thinking with the hands.

I work at a fast pace, a side effect of my enthusiasm for the creative process. I embrace the occasional surprises and imperfections which can arise in experimentation and sometimes lead to interesting results."
Guido de BoerGuido de Boer

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