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Grimace NYC - Street Murals and Public Art
Grimace NYC
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Grimace NYC

New York, NY

"GRIMACE is a New York City-based artist that takes pride in expressing his creative visions in a variety of mediums including abstract paintings, graffiti, photography, and DJ’ing. Pursuing his arts through traditional and non-traditional means enable Grimace to be on "both sides of the fence.

As an active graffiti writer since 1992, he’s bombed and pieced walls and trains locally in New York City and across the world from Amsterdam to Argentina to Australia. Grimace’s graffiti has been featured in on current handbag designs, theater productions, magazines, and books that document the craft, as well as making “cameo” appearances on various TV shows and films. His urban and landscape photography has been featured in books such as: “Here Is New York: A Democracy of Photographs” (2002), and gallery shows such as: “Here Is New York” traveling show in the USA, Europe, and Japan (2002), and “Alternative Compositions” in Chelsea’s Photo District Gallery (2003). Grimace has made a name for himself as a DJ keeping “pure” old school/classic hip-hop from the early-mid 80’s alive mixing with newer eclectic music, spinning strictly vinyl alongside pioneers such as Kool Herc at clubs, loft parties, bars, and galleries in New York City, and internationally.

In the recent past, Grimace has focused his greatest efforts as a visual artist where Grimace combines his influences from graffiti, his international travels, futurism, and the urban world to compose works that have both stated and subliminal messages. He often uses his discarded objects from the urban environment to use as his medium to further bridge the path between the streets, graffiti, and his contemporary work. Since 2000, his canvases have appeared in numerous group shows in New York City. In 2010 Grimace co-curated and painted an installation for the “Life On Mars” show at the legendary Mars Bar in the LES. New York Press interview:"

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