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Gregg Valley

Pittsburgh, PA

"“When Gregg Valley puts brush to canvas or paint to a wall, he has plotted out precisely how all the shapes and pieces come together. The result is a colorful, unique, progressive point of view of our world.”"
Gregg has been creating unique, vibrant images for many years. He has developed a technique that he calls “faceting," achieved by blocking out large shapes within an image and cutting them up into many smaller shapes, which are then individually colored. Gregg has taken this style and expanded it to create monumental works of public art. He has created many murals around the United States, some of which are up to 60 feet tall and 220 feet long. His most recent works include a 5 story mural in the city of New Castle, PA, a 45 foot long mural in Pittsburgh, PA, and a 6000 square foot mural in Chicago, IL, his largest to date!
Wescover creator since 2019

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