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Greenery Unlimited

Brooklyn, NY

"Blending the science of horticulture with the art of design."
It all started when Rebecca Bullene, then an employee of Brooklyn Botanic Garden, had a vision for bringing more green into the lives of all New Yorkers. Joined by her engineering husband Adam Besheer, Rebecca and Adam began to focus on how to grow plants in one of the most
inhospitable environments around: the NYC office space. Through keen observation, hard work and many, many mistakes, Rebecca and Adam were able to utilize advancements in technology to start building living ecosystems in places it hadn’t previously been possible. Along the way, Rebecca and Adam’s commitment to integrity, quality, and excellence began to get the attentionand patronage of the very top
companies in the world. Mastering
techniques for reducing plant
maintenance and maximizing plant
health, their installations continue to
evolve year after year. Using what they learned, Rebecca and Adam began to refocus on the original mission of greening people’s lives. Greenery Unlimited’s plant-forward products are imbibed with
expert horticultural know-how that has been distilled down to beautifully designed objects that help keep plants alive and thriving. Greenery Unlimited means we want to give you the tools and techniques so that there’s no end to where you can grow plants . . .successfully.
Wescover creator since 2022

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