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Giorgos Beleveslis (wake_ykz)

Giorgos Beleveslis (wake_ykz)

Berlin, Germany

Giorgos Beleveslis aka “Wake” (Thessaloniki-Greece, 1985) is a Berlin-based
street artist and architect focusing on painting, muralism and art installations.

As an active member of the graffiti scene since 1999 and holding a Master of
Architecture and a Master of Science in Urban Strategies, Wake has participated in numerous art festivals and his work has been internationally showcased through group exhibitions in the field of urban art and architecture.
His current work investigates the reconstruction of human anatomy through
basic typologies in a workflow that blends the boundaries between digital
drawing, technical drafting and painting. The new juxtaposition brings tension
and distortion to the post-human protagonist who wanders in the modern
lifestyle of high-speed and excessive information.
Inevitably, Wake illustrates his escape through a narrative that unfolds the
fundamental feelings of love, anger, loss and nostalgia.

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