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Ginger Fox Gallery

Ginger Fox Gallery

Dallas, TX

"When painting abstracts I have to rely on my connection with the canvas in order to capture the moment.”"
Ginger Fox, with over 20 years of experience, is best known for her unconventional approach to painting in multiple styles. Through years of diligent work she has gained proficiency of painting in styles from realism, minimalism to abstract expressionism.

Regardless of the style, Fox’s humor, aesthetic and optimism comes through. Her personality is on full display in her vintage “Power Club” series in which she not so subtly points to the strength and power of women. In her surrealism series she combines the beauty of our natural world with elements of the manmade. In contrast when painting abstracts Fox loves the freedom she feels. “You’re not sure where you are headed so you rely on your connection with the canvas to capture the moment.”

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