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Gina Telcocci

Oakland, CA

"Stone Soup Project "Ordinary Matter" at GearBox Gallery till Jan 23, 2021"
“In my artwork, I use ancient, traditional, and invented craft techniques to fashion objects and installations. I work intuitively, and most often I avoid the specific in favor of what I think of as the general or universal.

For me, much of the power of sculpture is bound up in its physicality. The materials I use include wood, found objects, reeds, paper mache, wax, seeds, etc. All have inherent beauty and richness of color, texture, and associated references. Some of the processes I engage in are collecting, sorting, assemblage, woodworking, basket-making, miscellaneous crafts, and, sometimes a bit of mechanical and sound collage assembly.

Although my work springs from a sensual & intuitive response to form & materials, rather than from a conceptual orientation, I do have very particular ideas about meanings encoded in it. For example, the grid & the spiral, basic to basket construction, represent, respectively, a human conception of order, and the life force. This is a combination of ideas that I find essential, and endlessly fascinating. Raw, wild nature (the materials) meets cool mental abstraction (structure & process) and the imposition of human will (the form and function). To me, basket-making embodies a distinct & beautiful human relationship to the natural world, and reflects a globally shared cultural history.”

Gina Telcocci’s sculpture & installation work has been exhibited widely across the US, Mexico, and in South Korea. Public commissions include the University of New Mexico/Los Alamos, Walnut Creek Library, and the renovated Potrero Hill Library, in San Francisco, CA. Telcocci has created temporary installations for public and private sites such as First Plaza, Albuquerque, NM; Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM; Pojoaque Pueblo and San Jose Canyon, NM; and for the City of Oakland’s Cultural Art Dept. programs. Telcocci has received numerous grants and awards, from, among others, the Pollock Krasner Foundation, Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, and the City Of Oakland. Her work can be seen at GearBox Gallery. In Oakland, CA, and Ernesto Mayans Gallery, in Santa Fe, NM.

Gina Telcocci makes things from wood, willow, reed, wire, and other found materials and objects. She collects much of her materials on walks with the dogs along the San Francisco Bay, or in the hills of Northern New Mexico.
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