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Gina Leon

North Vancouver, Canada

GINA LEON was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Canada. She is a Vancouver based actress, visual artist and muralist.

Through bursts of color and spirited strokes, in landscapes of villages perched on abstracted plains or in scenic shots that are a deliberate representation of Vancouver, Gina explores the marriage between abstraction and impressionism. In other instances, she is purposefully merging abstraction and representation.

Her early inspiration was drawn from her grandfather - abstract painter, sculptor, and architect, Monty Sack. Her mother, a goldsmith and potter, shaped Gina’s interest in ornamental and geometric design, decorative motifs and weathered textures.

Inspired by landscapes, weathered textures and surfaces, her painting is a process of layering elements in which abstract and more literal landscapes are conceived. Her love of Indian block prints, tapestries, and fabrics are woven into her abstract work.

Her PAINTING and MURAL work for local businesses is varied: from abstract and impressionist landscapes, images inspired by the masters, to city-scapes and figurative work captured snippets of historical Vancouver.

Gina studied Theatre and Art History at the University of Toronto, Visual Art at the College of Art and Design in Sydney, Australia, and Acting at the New School for Drama in NYC. Her paintings and murals have been showcased in Vancouver and New York City (The William Bennett Gallery and The Rockefeller Center).
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