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Gilbert Lujan - Sculptures and Art
Gilbert Lujan
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Gilbert Lujan

Los Angeles, CA

“Gilbert "Magú" Lujan (October 16, 1940 – July 24, 2011)
One of the most iconic figures of the Chicano art movement and a founding member of the artists collective "Los Four," Gilbert “Magu” Luján is known for his coloration and visual explorations of Chicano culture and community that drew upon and brought to life various historic and contemporary visual sources with startling results: pyramid-mounted lowriders driven by anthropomorphic creatures traversing a newly defined and mythologized LA. He was part of a small group of dedicated artists and intellectuals who set about defining a Chicano identity and culture as part of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Luján produced ambitious public art projects such as the Hollywood & Vine Metro station and exhibited prolifically in galleries and museums within the United States and abroad.”