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Gerda Huijssen

Breda, Netherlands

GH Ceramics Quirky handmade ceramics.

The Japanese ideas of beauty and attention to ritual and use are the inspiration for the work of GH Ceramics. Such as the Wabi Sabi concept that stands for the beauty of imperfection, space, time, transience and austerity. As well as the rituals surrounding the tea ceremony where the main thing is to experience the tea. Gerda translates this philosophy into unique objects, each with its own character and story.
With attention and craftsmanship, Gerda makes crafts, crockery and art objects from clay from her ceramics studio in Breda. You see the hand of the maker in every piece. The traces of working on the potter's wheel, the turning grooves in the clay, the nonchalant application of the clay slips and glazes give the work character and make its use extra special. With the finish and the use of the material, it remains as close as possible to its essence.
Gerda completed the Dutch ceramics course in Gouda in 2013 , after which she started to specialize further in the art of turning and glazing and she went in search of her own style. After following various courses, she decided to focus on the playful play of unique objects and consumer goods.
With the organic and powerful appearance, every object complements your interior.
Wescover creator since 2019

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