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Georgie Seccull

Georgie Seccull

Melbourne, Australia

Georgie Seccull’s work searches to make sense of existence amidst unending patterns of creation and destruction. Using a combination of new and salvaged materials, her work explores our individual and collective perceptions of polarities in existence, and how these observations inform our reality.

“We are born out of chaos in darkness and come into the light– my process is much the same: creation & destruction. I begin with a million different shaped pieces scattered on the ground, then working almost like a jigsaw puzzle, I pick them up one by one and allow each piece to come together organically and dictate the outcome.”

Georgie’s work can be found in private collections and public spaces throughout Australia, has been exhibited in the National Gallery of Victoria as well as been recognised with multiple awards. Her solo exhibitions to date include In the Shadows of Mankind, 2016 and Through the Dark, 2019, Gasworks Arts Park.

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