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George Raftopoulos

Sydney, Australia

Paintings from his exhibition in September 2010, are a reflection on the madness of NY, conversation and soundbytes gained from quickly whipping past people on the streets of NY!, These have harnessed stories of intrigue within this body of work to create a modern day personal mythology, reflecting how we see our ourselves within the context of our immediate experiences and environments.

In other works, Raftopoulos' canvases investigate memory and travel. Exotic Greek Island beaches, sweeping Australian bush vistas, frenetic New York streetscapes all appear through a visual language that relies heavily on a textured composition of colour, space and line. Raftopoulos' paintings have developed into sophisticated expressions that command your attention and draw you in for a closer inspection, repeatedly revealing something new with every fresh glance.

Paint is squeezed from tube to canvas, raw colour is scraped onto foundations of layered paint that has been permitted to dry momentarily. Increasingly with every layer a history of each painting is developed and is negated by frantic scraping as a reminder of times and memories gone by. On and off again the materials are worked onto the canvas. The vivid colours, encapsulate memory and experiences. Referenced by numbers and abstract letters they act as a map of personal history, a personal landscape….a moment in time that has been transformed into a language that has come to be a signature of Raftopoulos' work.

The paintings act as a map of memory. Random numbers signify a metaphysical, geographic reference. The numbers are points of longitude and latitude guiding us to the place from which the painting arose. "The numbers and Greek lettering are my stamp on the historical tableau. Greek mythology collides with my personal mythology" says Raftopoulos.
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