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Geometric Illusion Ceramics (Tania Rustage)

Lone Tree, CO

"Clay for Display, & Every Day Use"
Picture the scene.
It’s three in the morning, smoke alarm is blaring, and the husband is running frantic like a headless chicken.
True story - Just a day in the Life of a Pottery Artist, when experimenting goes wrong.
But if you don’t try new things and take a risk, how are you going to come up with something new and exciting?
Making those crazy experiments all worth it.

My pottery adventure started in sunny South Africa, as a hobby.
‘Clay for Display & Every Day use’ making it Decorative, yet Functional.
Current work has a variety of finishes, from glossy glaze to distressed and whimsical.
I use a white smooth clay for my work, I like to mix Wheel thrown pieces with hand-built pieces, & then altering & detailed while wet.

My fun sculptural work tells a story through faceless figures and is described by their titles.
The rest is left to how the viewer interprets the piece, which could have a different meaning to every individual.
Wescover creator since 2020

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