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Genevieve Allen

Vancouver, Canada

"I am an intuitive abstract artist and use my inner world to guide me."
I use colour, form and negative space to express emotion and a sense of movement and harmony. I’m interested in the inherent beauty that exists in the tension between the ideal and the imperfect. The space created in this delicate balance is where I strive to leave my pieces.

I draw on my decades long experience in the fashion industry and my appreciation of the natural world. My mediums are acrylic, oil, pastels and graphite on canvas and paper.

I particularly love the permanence and immediacy of paint on paper. The awareness that each stroke cannot be reworked and must therefore be appreciated in whatever form it takes is both thrilling and freeing.

In connection with many abstract expressionist painters, my work is very much an emotional process. I begin with a feeling, and let washes of colour, shape and line take form.

I live in Vancouver, B.C, with my husband and our two dogs.
Wescover creator since 2020

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