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Gary Christian

Jamberoo, Australia

"I paint landscapes, emotional landscapes, not of the psyche alone, but of the psyche within nature, of the psyche as part of nature. The patterns, rhythm and tone of the natural world shape the images I create."
My work responds to the deep connection human beings have with nature; a connection often lost in memory, often existing only in fragments. As cities dominate the landscape, our connection to the natural world diminishes, yet the natural elements are still held deep within our psyche. (In ancient myths we are the land, the earth, the sea, the sky.)

I do drawings and paintings out in the field, and then spend time in the studio, working with those field drawings and memories to create larger works. I do meditative calligraphy work, scribbles and doodles. Eventually, through experiment and failure, through small successes and stumbles, these initial explorations of ideas develop into the sculptural objects and paintings that make up a body of work.
Wescover creator since 2019

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