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Gannon Ogilvie

Nashville, TN

Lanie Gannon
… was three when she decided to be an artist. Her father taught her how to the paint the rooms in their house and make small repairs. Her mother taught her how to sew and love the visual world of art and design. Her mother also told her that “color is a gift,” and that idea has become a fundamental part of her art practice. She has children and animals; and once, she had a neighbor named Ruby who said “A little coat of paint fixes everything.” Lanie has found this to be true, time and time again.
Rob Ogilvie
…ran off to sea at 16 and sailed the world for two years in a wooden boat. Eventually he sailed into Tennessee, leaving Boston and the New England accent for a southern drawl, or whichever one is most convenient at the time. Rob is an inventor and a problem solver when it involves machines/mechanics, physics, and “how things work.” He is a master craftsman. Rob built his own house and considers it his largest sculpture yet.
Wescover creator since 2018

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