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Gamaliel Ramirez - Street Murals and Public Art
Gamaliel Ramirez
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Gamaliel Ramirez

San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Born to Immigrant parents in 1949 in the Bronx of New York, Ramirez's family moved to Chicago in 1955. Struggling with an undiagnosed case of dyslexic, Ramirez did not do well in school and was forced out of grammar school at the age of 16, which was when he decided to begin to teach himself how to paint. He began his education at The Art Institute of Chicago, which he frequently visited to study the paintings of European masters and eventually he began to study the American and Latin American Masters. Ramirez is one of the pioneers of Chicago based Latino Art and he has exhibited paintings nationally and internationally. For over thirty years he has worked in numerous communities throughout Chicago, in cultural arts organizations programs such as curator of exhibitions, newsletters, festivals, and facilitating workshops in silk-screen printing, drawing and painting and murals. In his work, he projects images of Puerto Rican and of other minorities in urban environment. Ramirez's subject matter, as well as his media explores the irony of his different worlds. His themes often combine urban landscape with primitive figures or of an Afro-centric nature, creating a cultural cosmology, which relate to us the roots of his Caribbean culture.”