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Gabriella Le Blanc Art

Gabriella Le Blanc Art

Helsinki, Finland

"Body, movement, fashion."

My name is Gabriella. I am a self taught, freelance artist working from the comforts of my home (studio). What I especially love is fashion and illustrations so one day I decided to paint and sketch a few of my own and Voila! Here we are.

I started out with fashion paintings and now create everything to do with women and capturing the femininity of silhouettes. My artwork is mostly done with oil colors, but I occasionally work with watercolor and ink.
I enjoy simplicity and minimalistic expression. What I see and how I portray it onto canvas is light and delicate with an airy feel.

Each and every piece of artwork is unique and sold as an original.
To see more works of art and what is currently in process, please visit my instagram account at @gabriellaleblancart

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