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Forested Way


Brian and Tracy first met at a rock climbing gym in 2014, when they happened to be the first two climbers to arrive at the gym that day. Brian had just gotten back to the mainland after quitting his job and spending a few months in Hawaii. Tracy was playing hooky from her grad school assistantship. She would later play hooky from grad school altogether to spend two months in South America with Brian, traveling and studying with Earthship Biotecture. Their love of travel, nature, and unconventional lifestyle brought them together and soon led them to create Forested Way.
The idea for Forested Way really took shape in 2017, when Brian and Tracy invested in some basic festival gear and booked a couple of local events. They were both working full-time jobs and started participating in shows on weekends. Very quickly, they fell in love with working for themselves, traveling to shows, and selling their art. Now, this is full time for both of them!
The wall art, geometric shelves, and furniture they create all use reclaimed lumber. Most of it is pallet wood and lath, and some of it is barn wood and recycled flooring, fences, etc. Giving the wood new life, rather than seeing it end up in a landfill, is endlessly inspiring to them!
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