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Fog & Fury

Fog & Fury

San Francisco, CA

"Handmade Felt for Interiors"
Fog & Fury handmade felt is both ancient and modern. It elevates interiors with its original designs, one of a kind texture, and organic richness. Every piece has its own irregular character and unique beauty. Fog & Fury is a celebration of felt in its finest expression.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I often begin wanting to explore a certain fiber, for example camel down, and seeing what other fibers I can combine with it like a certain wool breed, a silk roving, or a plant fiber to create new results in texture and color. To make felt, animal fibers need to connect, tangle, and migrate with each other to create a permanent bond. Blending fibers is similar to mixing paints together to create new hues. I love trying new combinations and tweaking fiber recipes and that pursuit can be a starting place too."
Fog & FuryFog & Fury

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