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Focus Lighting - Sconces and Lighting
Focus Lighting
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Focus Lighting

New York, NY

Focus Lighting has been highlighting great architecture, interiors, and landscapes with creative lighting design solutions. They believe that light directs your perception within an environment which is essential to the human experience. Great lighting can have a profound positive affect, not only on the look of a space’s architecture, but also on the people within that space— their state of mind, their well-being, and even their productivity. Through the added layer of light, they bring a sense of drama, composition, balance, and excitement to each of their projects. They carefully analyze each surface so that they can properly enhance and accentuate a space’s inherent architectural beauty with light. They believe that this approach is critical to the success of every space and structure they design.

Their team has expertise and experience in a wide range of disciplines including theatrical lighting design, architectural design, interior design, graphic design, fine art, computer technology, and construction. Their continued success comes from the fact that every designer, though each uniquely talented, shares a common vision and passion for making each project as successful as possible, both artistically and in relation to the needs of the client.