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FMWfablab - Furniture and Art
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Houston, TX

FMW|fablab badass design & fabrication is a full-service custom design shop for those “where do we get that?” types of projects and pieces of furniture. Don’t have a design but have an idea? No problem. We have an interior designer and an industrial designer on staff. Have a concept drawing but not an engineer? No problem. We have a former construction manager with a mind for complex engineering and structural requirements on staff. Already have an architect, a designer, and an engineer? No problem. We have a shop foreman and a fulltime team of fabricators ready to build your project.

​Come on over. We’ll pour you either a whiskey or water (neat), and we’ll chat about bringing things to life in the most artful, durable and badass way possible. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure a project outcome where everyone steps back and says, “wow!” We’ve found our niche in artful, modern, multi-material projects both large and small. A few mediums in particular that we like to work with are aluminum, carbon steel, underutilized hardwoods, epoxy resin, and pre-formed resin panels.
​A little about our founders and owners; Ford is a blacksmith, a music enthusiast and a cornucopia of useless trivia. Hillary is a designer, philanthropist, and marketing mogul. Together they are parents to Ginger, Scooter, and Pugsley (dogs) and Socks (cat). They live onsite in an apartment next to our fabrication shop so they are the definition of “owner-operators”. In addition to having a passion for badass design, they share a love for food, health, enjoying live music and minimalist living. Ford learned how to weld aluminum when he was 14 years old via the family business and it is still his favorite metal to work with many, many, many years later. (Those last two "many”s were probably unnecessary - teehee.) That skill combined with Hillary's 18+ year career as a licensed, commercial interior designer makes them a dynamic team.

Ford and Hillary founded FMW|fablab in December of 2012. When they began their journey, FMW|fablab was simply the two of them, a tiny backyard shop, some tools and $1000. Since those days, the staff has grown to 6 awesome team members, lots more tools, a substantially larger fabrication shop and in April 2016, they added our very own retail showroom; METTLE by FMW|fablab in the historic Silos at Sawyer Yards in Houston’s Greater First Ward Arts District.