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Flo de Bretagne

Flo de Bretagne

Palo Alto, CA

"Why do I paint? Because it gives me a chance to dream and to invite you to dream with me. Dream of a better world."
Flo de Bretagne is an artist who loves creating murals and paintings that bring joy to people throughout the US and Europe, and beyond. She ships worldwide and can travel for mural projects. With a penchant for color, vibrancy and fun, Flo aims to make people feel inspired and bring smiles to the faces of those around her, whether they are private collectors, patients in a hospital or kids in a school.

Flo de Bretagne is a Parisian born artist and muralist now living in Palo Alto, California. Her artistic work often connects with people on a deep emotional level. Her use of bold and bright colors associated with sophisticated designs and symbols bring messages of hope, joy and happiness to anyone viewing her paintings and murals. A graduate of business and law, Flo decided to forego the high flying corporate career for something she was passionate about: art.

A successful muralist and fine artist, Flo de Bretagne has exhibited her work internationally including the MOMA artists Gallery in San Francisco and Galerie des Saint Pères in Paris. Now, you will find Flo eager to share her passion with school children, hospital patients, pet owners and corporate teams alike. Besides creating new work, Flo is also passionate about sharing : sharing in the making (whether with her students, or with the numerous corporate teams who have joined her for a team building activity and whom she has guided into painting), and sharing of her own creations with art collectors.

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