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Fleur Blume

Paris, France

From the South of France and after studying Fine Arts at Beaux-Arts in Paris, Fleur BLUME is now a complete artist who tries to express raw feelings through her paintings.
Volunteering experiences in jail and her personal story transformed her style by making it darker. It aims at shedding light on the darkness of jail detention that she had seen.
She liberated herself from the rules when she arrived in New York while designing sets for Broadway. Back in France, she will no longer have the same vision on her artistic career and will then discover what it means to be addicted to street art. Barcelona, ​​Mexico City, Casablanca, Belgrade, she travels the world to find new places and leave her mark.
Her organic and raw style, her presence in her art questions as much as it fascinates through its uniqueness and the depiction of urban environments and people.
Wescover creator since 2020

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